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Whistleblower Protection


Dear visitor of the whistleblower portal,

In accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act (Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of 23.10.2019), natural persons can provide information on a compliance incident via this website, in particular if there is a suspicion that criminal offenses are being committed or have already been committed.

Please note the following information:

Your tip-off will reach the reporting office set up to handle tip-offs. The reporting office is obliged to maintain confidentiality and to protect your personal data and may not provide any information about you to third parties without your express consent. 

You have the option of providing contact details that enable us to contact you. In this case, no further details are required.

You can also provide your information anonymously. In this case, please remember to provide a complete and comprehensible report so that the facts of the case can be verified.


Report a tip

Your report (factual, complete and comprehensible)

First name (optional)

Surname (optional)

How can we contact you? (optional)

If you would like a personal meeting, please contact us via the portal.



Frequently asked questions:

What happens to your report?

We will review your report and prepare it in the form of a confidential report if it is a compliance-relevant matter. This report will then be forwarded to the responsible department in the company concerned.

Will I receive feedback when my case is processed?

If you provide your contact details, you will receive confirmation of receipt within 7 days. We will inform you as soon as possible about any reactions from the company concerned, at the latest after three months.

Is my identity protected?

At all times, regardless of whether you submit your report anonymously or we receive your contact details.


For further information: